1. Phytodetritus varies in colour and appearance and may be greenish, brown or grey, flocculent or gelatinous.
  2. Maximum numbers of bacteria generally occur at the pycnocline, where phytodetritus accumulates by sinking from the overlying euphotic zone.
  3. At the end of phytoplankton bloom, when the algae enter a senescent stage, there is an accumulation of phytodetritus and an increased release of dissolved metabolites.
  4. Then, they morph into the megalopa stage and settle to the ocean floor among the phytodetritus; the megalopa stage is the advanced larval stage that the crab develops into before becoming a true adult.
  5. Conclusions found that the miliolid Quinqueloculina sp . was virtually absent in multicore samples from 1989-1994, peaked in September 1996 ( 22 % ) when degraded phytodetritus was present on core surfaces, was less common in March 1997, and thereafter was relatively uncommon.


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