piggy dの例文


  1. Pino had just moved to Los Angeles and heard about the open slot through his friendship with Piggy D ( bassist for Rob Zombie ).
  2. "' Matt Montgomery "'( born November 16, 1975 ), also known as "'Piggy D . "', is a musician most famous as a guitarist in horror punk band Wednesday 13 and bassist for Rob Zombie.
  3. Released on October 2, 2008, and directed by Rob Zombie bassist, Piggy D and Gabrielle Geiselman, the 10-minute-long music video stars Alice Cooper, Hazmat, Roxxi Dott, Howie Pyro, Dave Pino, Eric Singer and Peter Derek.
  4. The band would add bassist Scott Sorry, and guitarist Matt Montgomery ( Piggy D . ) and drummer Luke Johnson, who would in turn record the band's next album and their fourth released, " Death Before Musick "', which was released on April 13, 2004.


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