piggy sneedの例文


  1. John Irving's next book, " Trying to Save Piggy Sneed, " will be published in February, not by Random House, but by tiny little Arcade Books.
  2. Besides those full-length novels, he also published " Trying To Save Piggy Sneed, " a collection of shorter works, and " My Movie Business : A Memoir ."
  3. Random House is probably not suicidal; " Piggy Sneed " _ is it my imagination, or is Irving slowly morphing into Tom Robbins ? _ is a collection of short works, not a hot ticket even if the author is famous.
  4. A presiding theme in Irving's best-known novel, " The World According to Garp " ( 1978 ), was the relationship between mundane reality and a writer's imagination, and this same theme percolates through the stories and essays in " Piggy Sneed ."
  5. Although the aforementioned " Piggy Sneed " is a small gem of writing, it turns out to be less an act of reminiscence than a carefully contrived meditation on what might have happened to the dim-witted garbage collector Irving knew as a boy in Exeter, N . H ., and the transformative powers of art.


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