pipe holeの例文


  1. Drop the hosepipe down the pipe hole, pull it back up with the string.
  2. One was enlarging one of the organ pipe holes and the other was lifting the pipe that plays low C, trying to find just the right pitch.
  3. Soon after, they discover that the wall between their two rooms has a disused radiator pipe hole, enabling them to watch the couple in their bedroom talking and having sex.
  4. A . Either way is acceptable, but I think putting in a whole new floor, then the cabinets is the betetr way, because it gives a chance to cover all kinds of pipe holes and other things in the old kitchen floor, keeping out vermin.
  5. The subfloor may also provide underfloor heating and if floor radiant heating is not used, will certainly suffer puncture openings to be put through for forced air ducts for both heating and air conditioning, or pipe holes for " forced hot water " or " steam heating " transport piping conveying the heat from furnace to the local room's heat exchangers ( radiators ).


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