plane deformationの例文


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  1. Test method for performance in plane deformation of curtain wall ' s
  2. The solutions are compared with previous theoretical results . conditions of inextensibility and negligible prebuckling in - plane deformation usually adopted in arch buckling analysis are also discussed
  3. Abstract : the design scheme , construction and paramete rs of the grinding device used to repair the plane deformation of stay ring of hydro turbine at the power station are introduced , and the design gist of the grinding head system is presented
  4. So author believes mechanical behaviors of skew girder bridge is obviously different from that of square beam bridge , and it is an important problem that many factors result in plane deformations of skew girder bridge
  5. Author also stressly calculates plane deformations of skew girder bridge due to the actions of the subordinate phase dead load , temperature changes , shrinkage and creep of concrete and vehicle loads in different places , and thereby analyses the characteristics of plane movement for the skew girder bridge


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