plane traceの例文


  1. The recorders on new planes trace more than 100 categories of information.
  2. Although the contrast details differ, the lattice plane trace geometry of these features and of Kikuchi maps are the same.
  3. When the plane reaches the top of the parabola, says Neumann, the pilot slows the aircraft . It goes into a free fall, its nose starts to pitch downward and the plane traces out the rest of the parabola.
  4. In other words, as the variable " z " makes two complete turns around the branch point, the image of " z " in the " w "-plane traces out just one complete circle.
  5. As the service got under way, a skywriting plane traced a giant cross and the letters " F . S . " in the brilliant blue sky overhead, and later outlined a heart, as several hundred fans lined the streets around the church in quiet, respectful knots.


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