plane trigonometryの例文


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  1. In 1950 & ndash; 1951 the department expanded a little, offering 34 classes ranging from college algebra to analytic geometry to plane trigonometry.
  2. Some time shortly after 1946 however the department developed thirty-four additional courses in everything from collegiate algebra to analytic geometry and plane trigonometry.
  3. His books, " The Elements of Coordinate Geometry " and " Plane Trigonometry, " are also popular in India among students preparing for competitive exams.
  4. And this gives the answer to the first question; double algebra is nothing but analytical plane trigonometry, and this is why it has been found to be the natural analysis for alternating currents.
  5. Instead, the early Chinese used an empirical substitute known as " chong cha ", while practical use of plane trigonometry in using the sine, the tangent, and the secant were known.


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