plate subductionの例文


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  1. Cambrian tectonic convergence, continental collision and plate subduction led to the emplacement of calc-alkaline and adakitic granitoids.
  2. The earthquake that recently leveled parts of the city of Kobe, Japan, was linked to plate subduction offshore.
  3. Some scientists hypothesize that the tectonic processes of plate subduction and mountain building are products of erosion and sedimentation.
  4. Furthermore, plate subduction zones are associated with very large megathrust earthquakes, making the effects on using any specific site for disposal unpredictable and possibly adverse to the safety of longterm disposal.
  5. The field is an example of intraplate volcanism; its earlier deposits are thought to be related to Farallon plate subduction, while the later bimodal assemblage ( especially the basalts ) have been linked to Basin and Range extension.


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