plug-in packageの例文


  1. Also at editor machine eclipse who place of matchmakers use , it at ibm ide development environment of new generation that develop this text , can expand to the development of any language through developping the plug - in package
  2. Company main product are case , cabinet , video wall , operations area , the standing machine case is set free direct , various saves , led rejects the case , the five metals presses one , the production line at the same time , line of plug - in package , etc . )
  3. Must contain mpeg4 encoder and can just make broadcasting and editor to mpeg4 file in the computer , the method is to install the plug - in package procedure , the software recommended is as follows , ffdshow , audio - visual storm stormcodec , klcodec204f , the hooligan s audio and video tool kit
  4. This text mainly tells us how to produce and publish the webpages which can suit the web teaching by drawing the support from the software dreamweaver " s unique advantage in making webpages . and then mix it with the software fireworks , flash and the dreamweaver " s peculiar plug - in package in order to reach a better teaching result
  5. We are devoted to the technological transformation of the temperature control equipment , research and develop and innovate , extensively use connect a slice of material of making , computer of plug - in package , optics lens , magnesium alloy in plastic shaping , automobile rubber tyre , pvc material , textile printing and dyeing , trade of printing etc


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