1. It was organised in one of the main streets, Pohjoisesplanadi, which was closed from traffic.
  2. It does not include any of the buildings on Pohjoisesplanadi, because they belong to Kruununhaka or Kluuvi.
  3. The city hall is located in the Kruununhaka district next to Market Square, at address Pohjoisesplanadi 11 13.
  4. The Helsinki Tourist Office, 19 Pohjoisesplanadi, ( 358-9 ) 169-3757, can answer most questions.
  5. His father, Abram, was a Polish Jew who had been in the abstains from alcohol and is known to be a regular at Caf?Strindberg  a popular celebrity-spotting location on Pohjoisesplanadi in the Helsinki city centre.


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