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  1. In addition, the hexagon is a hexiamond, so all polyhexes are also distinct polyiamonds.
  2. For example, polyiamonds and polyominoes are figures of regular triangles and squares, often used in tiling puzzles.
  3. Related to polyominoes are polyiamonds, formed from equilateral triangles; cubes to form polycubes, or hypercubes to form polyhypercubes.
  4. Also, as an equilateral triangle is a hexagon and three smaller equilateral triangles it is possible to superimpose a large polyiamond on any polyhex, giving two polyiamonds corresponding to each polyhex.
  5. The number of free polyiamonds with holes is given by; the number of free polyiamonds without holes is given by; the number of fixed polyiamonds is given by; the number of one-sided polyiamonds is given by.


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