pony downの例文


  1. The latter, consisting of Blaze and Anybody Killa, released " Pony Down ( Prelude ) " in October.
  2. "We need to slow this pony down, " said Mary Kelly, an attorney at Environmental Defense, which joined the National Wildlife Federation and the Texas branch of the Sierra Club in calling for the moratorium.
  3. Many gangs, such as " Best Friends ", " Pony Down ", " Black Mafia Family ", and " The Chambers Brothers ", rose to prominence in the wake of the YBI and were featured together in a Black Entertainment Television documentary series entitled " American Gangster ".
  4. One recent afternoon, the Burlesons took Cuddles to lunch at the Tip Top Drive-In & Restaurant in Henderson, N . C . The women in a corner booth stared and smiled faintly as Janet Burleson forced the pony down onto the floor, where she eventually fell asleep.


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