poor wettingの例文


  1. Conversely, weak adhesion and strong cohesion results in lyophobic conditions with high measured contact angles and poor wetting.
  2. The addition of tin more expensive than lead improves wetting properties of the alloy; lead itself has poor wetting characteristics.
  3. The defect can be caused by surface oxidation or poor wetting of the solder, or by distortion of the integrated circuit package or circuit board by the heat of the soldering process.
  4. An insufficient time / temperature relationship causes a decrease in the flux s cleaning action, resulting in poor wetting, inadequate removal of the solvent and flux, and possibly defective solder joints.
  5. Too little solder will result in a dry and unreliable joint; too much solder ( the familiar'solder blob'to beginners ) is not necessarily unsound, but tends to mean poor wetting.


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