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  1. She was the wife of Lucho Berm鷇ez who was also known for his porros and boleros.
  2. In 2005 there was a movement of student unrest in response to the perception that criminal groups known as " porros " had been allowed to operate inside the Preparatorias.
  3. "' Aura Matilde D韆z Mart韓ez "'better known by her artist name "'Matilde D韆z "'( 1924-2002 ) was a Colombian performer of porros and boleros.
  4. The academic activities continued in both establishments with the access controlled by students and elements of Auxilio UNAM ( security bodies inside the institution ), to avoid the entrance of " porros " so they couldn t incur on provocations.
  5. As Monsignor Baltazar Porros, vice president of Venezuela's Episcopal Confederation, prepares for the arrival of Pope John Paul II this weekend, he says that the crisis Venezuelans are encountering is as much emotional and spiritual as economic.


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