1. The LP was called " Porsuigieco " ( mix of Ra鷏 PORchetto, SUI Generis, Le髇 GIECO ).
  2. During the winter of 1975, Charly and Nito went on the PorSuiGieco Tour with Maria Rosa Yorio, Raul Porchetto and Le髇 Gieco.
  3. By the mid 70s he would become a member of the first and extremely ephemeral supergroup of Argentine rock, PorSuiGieco, with Le髇 Gieco, Charly Garc韆, and Nito Mestre.
  4. There, he took guitar lessons from Gustavo Santaolalla, who introduced him to important people in the Buenos Aires musical community, such as Ra鷏 Porchetto, Charly Garc韆, Nito Mestre, and Mar韆 Rosa Yorio, members of the Argentine supergroup, Porsuigieco.
  5. "' Carlos Alberto Mestre "'( born August 3, 1952 in Buenos Aires, Argentina ) known by his stage name "'Nito Mestre "'is an Argentine musician, founding member-along with Charly Garc韆-of Sui Generis, member of PorSuiGieco, bandleader of Nito Mestre y los Desconocidos de Siempre and a recording solo artist . " Sui Generis ", was initially formed in 1969 by Charly Garc韆 ( keyboards and vocals ), Nito Mestre ( guitar, flute and vocals ), Rolando Fortich ( bass guitar ), Juan Belia ( guitar ), Alberto Rodriguez ( drums ) and Carlos Piegari ( vocals ).


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