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  1. With these two bonds , we have successfully met our financing obligations through pre - funding
  2. By capturing favourable market conditions in 2001 , the corporation has achieved significant savings in funding costs through successful execution of its pre - funding strategy
  3. He explained that in contrast to october last year , when people had to pay very penal interest rates to fund their short hong kong dollar positions , the hedge funds had pre - funded themselves during the currency attack in august
  4. Furthermore , the currency predators were well positioned to avoid the likely interest rate pain , by pre - funding themselves , and to benefit from the expected sharp slide in asset prices by running huge short positions in stock futures
  5. The corporation was able to achieve a substantial saving in funding cost by adopting a pre - funding strategy to capture market opportunities in the first half of 2000 to issue debts at sub - hibor levels after swapping the proceeds into floating rate obligations


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