press office of the holy seeの例文


  1. The indication of " country " is that given by the press office of the Holy See " according to nations ".
  2. In addition to Gregory and a Vatican spokesman, only two cardinals attended a packed press conference at the Press Office of the Holy See _ Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of Washington and Cardinal James Francis Stafford, an American who is president of the Pontifical Council for the Laity at the Vatican.
  3. On 12 November 2010, the Press Office of the Holy See announced that " The Visitation will identify whether the mutual relationship of the various components of the local Church, seminaries and religious communities is now in place, in order to sustain them on the path of profound spiritual renewal already being pursued by the Church in Ireland.
  4. In the sermon that he delivered on that occasion, Lefebvre explicitly recognized the possibility that he himself would be struck with suspension and the new priests with an irregularity that should theoretically prevent them from saying Mass . On the next day, 1 July 1976, the Press Office of the Holy See declared that in accordance with canon 2373 of the then Code of Canon Law, Lefebvre was automatically suspended for one year from conferring ordination, and that those whom he had ordained were automatically suspended from the exercise of the order received.


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