priming compositionの例文


  1. When an electric current passes through, the bridge is heated to incandescence and ignites the priming composition.
  2. This bridge is surrounded by a priming composition of guncotton dust and mealed powder and the remainder of the tube is filled with powder.
  3. The most common of such derivatives is tetrazene explosive ( commonly known simply as tetrazene ), which is used for sensitization of priming compositions.
  4. "' Tetrazene "'( 1-( 5-tetrazolyl )-3-guanyl tetrazene hydrate ) is an explosive material used for sensitization of the priming compositions.
  5. First used as a priming composition in small copper caps beginning in the 1820s, mercury fulminate quickly replaced flints as a means to ignite black powder charges in mercury for manufacture, supplies of which can be unreliable in wartime.


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