priming connectionの例文


  1. This is where the generalization of previously primed connections'fill in the gaps'of these details to form misrepresented or false memories.
  2. The Prime connection is important to ACTV because it is owned by Liberty Sports, a subsidiary of Tele-Communications Inc ., which operates numerous regional sports channels nationwide.
  3. By April 1844 there were references to " the Central Railway ", and E & GR agreement to making a connection was reported; the Caledonian Railway too was becoming a reality, as the prime connection between central Scotland and the English network, and connection to the Caledonian would give that added access.
  4. Investigators for Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau said that a prime connection between the cases in the two cities is that Vlasto's widow and her companion, Ephrem Bimbo, are both related to members of the Tene-Bimbo clan in San Francisco who profited by inheriting money and property from the men who died in that city.


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