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  1. In the Pok?and Prime Cups, four trophies may be earned, one for each level of difficulty, but the Pika and Petit Cups only award one trophy each.
  2. This also gives the advantage of the firing pin indenting the primer in a similar fashion from shot to shot as the primer cup is in direct contact with the bolt face.
  3. Each case was protected against accidental percussion inside the tube magazine by a primer cover and by a circular groove around the primer cup which caught the tip of the following pointed bullet.
  4. Set in a new town called White City, the Stadium is home to the Pok?Cup, Prime Cup, Challenge Cup, and Little Cup, each having its own rules and regulations.
  5. In Stadium mode, the player is challenged to earn trophies by winning the Pika Cup, Petit Cup, Pok?Cup, and Prime Cup, each having its own set of rules and restrictions.


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