privately operatedの例文


  1. these were held secretly in a privately operated po box by
    これは 先日 田端のアパートで 遺体で発見された
  2. in addition , some tato fumyo with the samurai status donated their privately operated fields to kenmon seika (powerful houses and influential families ) (imperial families , powerful nobles , or powerful temples or shrines ), making them manors and being appointed to shokan (the officers governing these manors ).
  3. in kyoto prefecture , there are privately operated bus companies with company names in which kyoto is included , such as kyoto kotsu (one based in maizuru city and another in kameoka city (present keihan kyoto kotsu )) and kyoto bus , but these aren ' t related at all to the kyoto city government .
    なお、京都府内には京都交通(京都交通 (舞鶴)と、京都交通 (亀岡)=現在の京阪京都交通=の同名別会社がある)、京都バスという京都の冠がついた民間のバス会社が存在するが、これらはいずれも京都市営バスとは別のバスである。


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