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  1. If we appoint a domestic help or an employee in privately owned enterprise, we screen and check whether he / she is efficient from each and every angle.
  2. The organization is a privately owned enterprise that employs over 250 employees every year and has sub-offices in Trinidad and Tobago, as well as regionally and internationally.
  3. GMK Ltd ( previously Gunmark until January 1998 ) is a privately owned enterprise which commenced trading in 1971 and has been continuously owned and managed by the Waktare family.
  4. ANSWER : Obviously, checking out a small or privately owned enterprise is more complicated than researching a large publicly traded company that files disclosure documents and is followed by stock analysts.
  5. It has expanded and diversified over the years, changing from a privately owned enterprise to a public company listed on the stock exchanges of Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean.


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