projective unitary groupの例文


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  1. Pierre Deligne and George Mostow used his ideas to construct lattices in the projective unitary group.
  2. This omitted certain known groups ( the projective unitary groups ), which were obtained by " twisting " the Chevalley construction.
  3. O'Nan received his PhD in 1970 from Princeton University under Daniel Gorenstein with thesis " A Characterization of the Three-Dimensional Projective Unitary Group over a Finite Field ".
  4. In this case the central extended group corresponding to the first projective representation of each projective unitary group is just the original unitary group of which we took the quotient by U ( 1 ) in the definition of PU.
  5. The quotient of the unitary group by its center is called the "'projective unitary group "',, and the quotient of the special unitary group by its center is the "'projective special unitary group " '.


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