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  1. Of all prominent Serbian writers of that period, only Proka Jovki brought to his literary work so varied and adventurous a background.
  2. His first appearance in " Deep Space Nine " was in the first-season episode " Cardassians " as Proka Migdal, the adoptive father of a Cardassian boy.
  3. Vivid pictures of Proka Jovki's boyhood are to be found in the pages of his poems, published in Serbian newspapers in San Francisco before the First Balkan War of 1912.
  4. The first Serbian-American poet, Proka Jovki, better known under his " nomme de plume "  Nestor } u ni lived in San Francisco and Oakland at the beginning of the century, from 1903 to 1911.
  5. "' Isa Qosja "'is the author of many artistic and documentary films, among the best known is " "'Proka "'" which has featured in many international festivals, including the RIFJ Cannes.


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