1. Despite their obscurity, the Archaea constitute a third kingdom of life, alongside the Prokarya, cells like bacteria that have no nucleus, and the Eukarya, organisms with nucleated cells, which include all plants and animals.
  2. The "'Woeseian revolution "'was the progression of the phylogenetic tree of life from two main divisions, known as the Prokarya and Eukarya, into three domains now classified as Bacteria, Archaea, and Eukaryotes.
  3. Dr . Walter Gilbert, a Harvard biologist, said that completion of these genomes will " give us a very deep way of looking back at the original division between the prokarya and eukarya and between them and the archaeobacteria ."
  4. Of the three kingdoms, the Archaea and Eukarya replicate their DNA very differently from the Prokarya, and have very different ways of replicating their DNA, suggesting to Woese that " at the time of the universal ancestor there was not a genome in the sense we know it today ."


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