prokaryotic cytoskeletonの例文


  1. However, prokaryotes do possess some internal structures, such as prokaryotic cytoskeletons.
  2. Hello, I've been visiting Wikipedia for years but this is the first time I've written an article-the article is on the prokaryotic cytoskeleton.
  3. The "'prokaryotic cytoskeleton "'is the collective name for all structural analogues for all major cytoskeletal proteins in eukaryotes been found in prokaryotes, cytoskeletal proteins with no known eukaryotic homologues have also been discovered.
  4. The homology of tubulin to the bacterial replication and cytoskeletal protein FtsZ is a major argument against Margulis, as FtsZ alike protein ( see Prokaryotic cytoskeleton ) is apparently found natively in archaea, providing an endogenous ancestor to tubulin ( as opposed to Margulis'hypothesis, that an archaea acquired tubulin from a symbiotic spirochete ).


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