promotion brochureの例文


  1. The promotion brochure features veteran investigative reporters who now work for IGI . Their role adds a new dimension to the long-revolving door between law enforcement and private investigations.
  2. Tuzla, which bills itself in an investment-promotion brochure as the city " where reason prevails, " is one of the few places in Bosnia that did not vote along ethnic lines in national elections after the collapse of Yugoslavia.
  3. A publisher's promotion brochure maintains that Roland heeds " careful attention to President Davis'struggle against dividing forces within . . . . [ and that ] he skillfully narrates the attempt of the Confederacy to wage total war against superior forces.
  4. And the promotion brochure points out that First Residence, the building rising between the Nile and Cairo's zoo, has a helipad on top and a panoramic view of the Pyramids and the real Citadel, built in 1179 by Saladin to defend Cairo against Crusaders.


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