protein balanceの例文


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  1. Ileum, on the other hand, has the function of balancing the ion, water, organic compounds, and protein balance in the body.
  2. Around 4 in the afternoon, Aransky often has half of a high-protein balance bar ( not the ones made by a company Sears owns ).
  3. Calcium loss from bone occurs at protein intake below requirement when individuals are in negative protein balance, suggesting that too little protein is dangerous for bone health.
  4. In that mecca of all things related to fitness, I expected an over-enthusiastic jock on her way to a volleyball game, someone who would bark at me about my protein balance.
  5. Studies in 2008 have found cow's milk, especially skim milk and chocolate milk may be effective replacements for current sports drink, as milk leads to protein the synthesis which boosts net muscle protein balance.


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