public access defibrillatorの例文


  1. Growth of registered public access defibrillators in King County from 1999 to 2006
  2. The ` Global CPAD Campaign ` ( Community Public Access Defibrillators ), was founded in Guiseley by local ` Community First Responder ` Brian Firth.
  3. During 2013 14 and continuing into 2014, the Charitable Fund has been focusing its efforts on raising money for community medical units, which provide on-scene medical treatment for patients with minor injuries and illnesses, and public access defibrillators.
  4. In that role, he led Council to adopt unanimously pioneering smoke-free regulations in 2001; helped open new child care centres, expand the number of child care spaces, and expand public health programs for children and youth; worked with provincial government to oversee the transfer of ambulance services and social housing to the municipal level; initiated Canada's first comprehensive public access defibrillator program; expanded long-term care for seniors; funded hospital expansions and worked with the Community Care Access Centre and community support agencies to improve at-home support services for seniors and people with disabilities.


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