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  1. In mainstream TV, sex is no longer sequestered on late-night public access shows like " Robin Byrd ."
  2. Wagner was a rotating co-host on the webcast and public access show " The Atheist Experience " from 2000-2016.
  3. "He didn't have much money, but what little he did have he shared, " said Gary Dymally, who directed Rogers'public access show.
  4. To apply added force to the punishment, Frankhouser must read the apology aloud on " White Forum, " the public access show he hosts on the local cable system.
  5. In 2004, Ousala attended Brooklyn Public Network in Brooklyn, New York and released a public access show called FDTV . In 2005, Ousala released his first independent film titled " FDTV : Volume One ".


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