quarantine shipsの例文


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  1. Later she was fitted there as a quarantine ship for Milford.
  2. She served as a quarantine ship at New York until sold 12 December 1872.
  3. In 1918 during the final stages of World War I, the Robert Logan who became outraged after witnessing the number of quarantine ships surrounding American Samoa.
  4. By a stroke of misfortune, that shuttle is stopped by a quarantine ship, and all passengers are secretly taken to a planet belonging to the Darloks  an ancient race exceptional at espionage and sabotage.
  5. From 1901 to 1909, " Concord " alternated between Alaskan patrols, cruising the Public Health Service and served as a quarantine ship at Astoria, Oregon until 1929 . After a brief return to Navy custody, the ship was sold in June 1929.


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