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  1. In fact, there are only 6 known quark flavors.
  2. This fact makes the vector mesons an excellent probe of the quark flavor content of other types of mesons, measured through the respective decay rates of non-vector mesons into the different types of vector mesons.
  3. On the other hand the next lightest quark flavor, strange quarks, will reach its high quark gluon plasma thermal abundance only on the most violent collisions generating high temperatures and that at the end of the cooking process.
  4. Putting aside questions of whether it is sufficiently equilibrated for thermodynamics to be applicable, there is certainly not enough time for weak interactions to occur, so flavor is conserved, and there are independent chemical potentials for all six quark flavors.
  5. where the sum is over all quark flavors with mass less than the beam energy . " e q " is the electric charge of the quark, and the factor of 3 accounts for the three colors of the quarks.


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