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  1. Buras is known for his early work on strong-interaction effects ( quark flavour physics in the Standard Model and in several New Physics models.
  2. In an approximate version of QCD, which has vanishing quark masses for " N " quark flavours, there is an exact chiral symmetry of the theory.
  3. The names of quark flavours ( top ) were also chosen arbitrarily based on the need to name them " something " that could be easily remembered and used.
  4. For all the quark flavour quantum numbers ( strangeness, charm, topness and bottomness ) the convention is that the flavour charge and the electric charge of a quark have the same sign.
  5. Here, \ vert u \ rangle is the up quark flavour eigenstate, and \ vert d \ rangle is the down quark flavour eigenstate, while \ vert \ uparrow \ rangle and \ vert \ downarrow \ rangle are the eigenstates of S _ z.


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