quark theoryの例文


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  1. Also named the K-meson system, it was called strange because of its odd behavior, later explained by quark theory.
  2. It sparked a burst of research that led to the discovery of a multitude of other subatomic particles, whose odd behavior was eventually explained by quark theory.
  3. He is credited mainly with his role in laying down the theoretical foundations of the quark theory as well as development of the SU ( 6 ) model.
  4. The theory of Lie groups describes continuous symmetry in mathematics; its importance there and in theoretical physics ( for example quark theory ) grew steadily in the twentieth century.
  5. Since 1963 when the quark theory of matter was born, physicists have regarded quarks _ the particles that make up the protons and neutrons within the nuclei of atoms _ as indivisible.


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