1. QuarkNet is organized much like a particle physics experiment with a central design and infrastructure and work distributed among research groups nationwide.
  2. In 2012, the University of Notre Dame received a $ 6.1M, five-year grant to support a nationwide expansion of the Quarknet program.
  3. In order to enhance its capacity, staff also works with a group of teachers, called QuarkNet Fellows, who help deliver the professional development programs for other teachers.
  4. As a form of outreach within the physics education community for teachers and students, in 1997 the US National Science Foundation ( NSF ) and Department of Energy USDOE established QuarkNet, a professional teacher development program.
  5. ""'QuarkNet " "'is a long-term, research-based teacher professional development program in the United States jointly funded by the National Science Foundation and the National Research Council National Science Education Standards report ( 1995 ) and support the Next Generation Science Standards ( 2103 ).


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