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  1. Issue # 4, designed by Quentin Fiore, showcased the ideas of the Canadian cultural theorist Marshall McLuhan.
  2. The title of this compilation is taken from a sentence in the Marshall McLuhan and Quentin Fiore collido-scope " The Medium is the Massage ".
  3. Too, his approach echoes the visual / textual collage aesthetic of " The Medium Is the Massage, " the 1966 paperback by McLuhan and the graphic designer Quentin Fiore.
  4. But the psychedelic swirl of text and images in " The Medium Is the Massage, " created with the designer Quentin Fiore, was an inspiration for recent magazines like Wired and Details.
  5. But in 1966, McLuhan did collaborate with a noted graphic designer, Quentin Fiore, on " The Medium Is the Massage, " a mass-market paperback intended to popularize McLuhan's ideas.


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