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  1. As to the author of the Targum, Mordecai knows him only through the Rabbinite authorities.
  2. Despite such tensions, in 1680 Rabbinite community leaders defended the Karaites of Shaty ( near Trakai ) against blood accusation.
  3. During the late 19th century, Russian authorities began to differentiate Karaite Jews from Rabbinite Jews, freeing them from various antisemitic laws that affected Rabbinic Jews.
  4. Most notable among the opposition to Karaite thought and practice at this time are the writings of Rabbi Saadia Gaon, which eventually led to a permanent split between some Karaite and Rabbinite communities.
  5. Jacob ben Reuben has been wrongly identified with the Rabbinite translator of the " Liber Lapidum " ( by the Jacob ben Reuben, author of the anti-Christian work " Milhamot Adonai ."


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