1. Ragamuffins are notable for their friendly personalities and thick, rabbitlike fur.
  2. The Tribbles'rabbitlike breeding clogs up the orderly workings of the Enterprise.
  3. Anyone who watched actor Tom Hanks nibble _ rabbitlike, and row by tiny row through a toothpick-sized ear of baby corn in the movie " Big " _ knows there's more than one way to confront a piece of corn.
  4. Studies of the dozen or so leopards left across the Israeli border in the Negev Desert, possibly the most intensively monitored leopard population in the world, show that the prey of preference is the ibex but old or weak hunters will turn to the rabbitlike Rock Hyrax.
  5. It's just one of the ways Carroll allows us to have seemingly contradictory perspectives about this man : He's a heel with " impressive rabbitlike promiscuity, " a man who left his wife and two kids for the love of his life, Isabelle.


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