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  1. Also in contention is Cloudings, unbeaten in two races at Longchamp this year and trained by the highly successful Frenchman Andre Fabre.
  2. He won a Group I race at Longchamp, but unfortunately the race was declared void due to a non-opening gate.
  3. He finished third in a minor race at Longchamp in April and sixth in a similar event at Deauville-Clairefontaine Racecourse in August.
  4. Ian Balding and jockey Kieren Fallon again paired up in 1999 and bring the four-year-old Group 2 race at Longchamp Racecourse.
  5. In " The Races at Longchamp ", an unusual perspective is employed to underscore the furious energy of racehorses as they rush toward the viewer.


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