racing back to the cautionの例文


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  1. It was portrayed as if they were racing back to the caution.
  2. "He knew we were racing back to the caution and I saw him drive deeper ( into Turn 2 ) than I've seen him do all weekend long.
  3. After racing back to the caution was eliminated, the green-white-checkered rule was implemented to help avoid a race from finishing under caution, particularly in the middle of a lap.
  4. This policy allowed drivers who were one or more laps down to pass the leader and get back one lap, but during the 2003 season there were several incidents which involved drivers racing back to the caution nearly causing collisions.
  5. If the yellow flag comes out at any time during the restart, each subsequent restart will be a two-lap restart . ( From 1995 until mid-1998 and again since 2003, racing back to the caution was prohibited in the series .)


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