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  1. "This is the ultimate, " declared Bob Hall, proprietor of the Fort Pitt Tavern, the self-proclaimed " biggest race bar in Pittsburgh ."
  2. Stokell took his first win at Winton Motor Raceway and won every race bar one for the rest of the season to push past Murphy and win the championship.
  3. A 4th and a podium position of 3rd enlightened his championship hopes but Robin Frijns was on a charge, scoring a podium position in every race bar 3, two he finished in 4th.
  4. "If you go to a top team like Rubens ( Barrichello ), then maybe you have to agree to them, with some others, maybe not, " said Villeneuve, currently with the British American Racing BAR team.
  5. "' Gnomes "': After abandoning life alongside ancient humans and going underground to prepare for world domination, the gnomic races eventually fell to infighting, which resulted in the annihilation of all races bar two; the science-loving gnomes and the drunken, undead leprechauns.


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