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  1. A candidate named R間ent Millette ran for the Ralliement national in the Liberal cabinet minister Paul G閞in-Lajoie.
  2. He left that party in 1966 and was elected president of the Ralliement national, a pro-sovereignty party on August 21, 1966.
  3. By 1968, the MSA came to an agreement with the Ralliement National to form the Parti Qu閎閏ois, deliberately excluding the RIN as an entity.
  4. The MSA would merge with another party in the Quebec sovereignty movement, the Ralliement National of Gilles Gr間oire, to create the Parti Qu閎閏ois in 1968.
  5. Lessard unsuccessfully ran as a Ralliement national candidate to the National Assembly of Quebec in the district of 1966, finishing third with 11 % of the vote.


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