rama riverの例文


  1. The Hungarian army penetrated into the valley of the Rama River, a tributary of the Neretva River, in about 1137.
  2. The accident occurred Monday on the Rama River near the city of Rama, about 190 miles east of Managua in the southern Atlantic region.
  3. Located near western ghats ( Ambasamudram-Tenkasi highway ) surrounded by paddy fields, western ghats locate west of the town . The village has Gadananathi River on its east and rama river on its west
  4. However, what transpired instead was that the Chetniks that were preparing for the " march on Bosnia " were drawn into closer collaboration with the Axis during the second phase of Case White that took place in the Neretva and Rama river valleys in late February 1943.
  5. "Second section " begins from the confluence of the Neretva and the Rama river between Konjic and Jablanica where the Neretva suddenly takes a southern course and enter a largest canyons of its course, running through steep slopes of magnificent mountains of Prenj, vrsnica and abulja reaching 800 1200 meters in depth.


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