rat breedの例文


  1. The rats breed in the summer and autumn, and may give birth to up to two litters a year.
  2. The most successful Norwich Terrier in the history of this no longer humble bred-in-a-barn-to-roust-barn-rats breed came of age late Tuesday night by winning the best-in-show award at Madison Square Garden.
  3. One study of 550 AIDS patients showed that the incidence was higher during the rainy season, which is when the rats breed but also when conditions are more favorable for production of fungal spores ( conidia ) that can become airborne and be inhaled by susceptible individuals.
  4. She's developed a reputation as a glutton for attention and a feed bowl, and since a Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show champion is guaranteed plenty of both, that was incentive enough for Ch . ( for Champion ) Fairewood Frolic, the most successful Norwich Terrier in the history of this bred-in-a-barn-to-roust-barn-rats breed.


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