rat burana districtの例文


  1. On 19 June 1991 Tanong's empty car was found near his office in Rat Burana district, Bangkok.
  2. The Purple Line serves travellers between the northwestern suburbs of Bangkok in Nonthaburi Province and the southern area of Thonburi in Rat Burana District.
  3. It connects the Yan Nawa district to Rat Burana district as a part of the Dao Khanong  Port Section of Chalerm Maha Nakhon Expressway.
  4. #Bangkok ( Phaya Thai District Bang Sue District Dusit District Samphanthawong District Pathum Wan District Ratchathewi District Phra Nakhon District Pom Prap Sattru Phai District Bang Khae District Bang Khun Thian District Bang Bon District Thung Khru District Rat Burana District Chom Thong District Khlong San DistrictThon Buri District Phasi Charoen District Taling Chan District Thawi Watthana District Bang Phlat District Bangkok Noi District Bangkok Yai District and Nong Khaem District)


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