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  1. "Zippy " has always been a costumed mascot, and currently wears a blue letter-sweater and a gold-and-blue rat cap.
  2. The band is also the primary student organization on campus that upholds the tradition of RAT caps, wherein band freshman wear the traditional yellow cap at all band events.
  3. Anti-hazing laws in the 1960s led to the virtual elimination of the tradition, although the use of RAT caps is still actively maintained by the marching band.
  4. The band has some of the richest traditions on campus, including a strict enforcement of RAT caps amongst first year band members, no matter their actual year in college.
  5. Another long-standing tradition at Georgia Tech, which began in 1915, requires freshman to wear a RAT cap, which stands for " Recruit at Tech ", around campus and most notably football games.


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