rat skinの例文


  1. ISP-I-28 was found to be less toxic and more effective at lengthening rat skin allograft time than ISP-1.
  2. When the team mixed it with olive oil and applied it to rat skin, it doubled the rate of uterine growth well before puberty.
  3. Freda Miller of McGill University had been scheduled to discuss her work turning rat skin and human scalp cells to nerve cells but could not make it.
  4. Until the late'80s, there was a good market for nutria pelts, but the animal rights activists put a stop to that . ( You've got to figure that people who walk around with rat skins draped over their shoulders deserve to have red paint thrown on them .)
  5. Of special note were three items of ceremonial significance :'emu feathers used in corrobberys';'kangaroo rat skins, used in corrobberys'; and a large curved piece of bark in the shape of an emu, decorated with white ochre lines, which he later told collector R . E . Johns that he had seen used in corroborees . and a painted bark emu figure from the British Museum and Kew Gardens respectively were loaned for an exhibition at the Melbourne Museum in 2004.


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