rated accuracyの例文


  1. As a member of the Attitude and Articulation Control Subsystem for the Galileo spacecraft, Wilson was responsible for assessing attitude controller performance, science platform pointing accuracy, antenna pointing accuracy and spin rate accuracy.
  2. Prototypes and scripts : The effects of alternative methods of processing information on rating accuracy . " Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 39 ", 318 340 . doi : 10.1016 / 0749-5978 ( 87 ) 90027-6
  3. ISO / IEC 18000-7 : 2009 defines the forward and return link parameters for technical attributes including, but not limited to, operating frequency, operating channel accuracy, occupied channel bandwidth, maximum power, spurious emissions, modulation, duty cycle, data coding, bit rate, bit rate accuracy, bit transmission order, and, where appropriate, operating channels, frequency hop rate, hop sequence, spreading sequence, and chip rate.


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