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  1. Population figures were routinely inflated at the local level, often in order to obtain increased rations of goods.
  2. Free grails can be opened by any individual, and as such, are valued for an extra ration of goods at each interval.
  3. A platoon of writers that includes director Daniel Petrie Jr . ( the abysmal " Toy Soldiers " ) came up with starvation rations of good jokes.
  4. Thus inflation was officially hidden, and was expressed as ever-growing aggregate savings of the population, which could only spend its earnings on limited rations of goods at artificially low prices.
  5. As of August, every Iraqi is eligible for a free monthly ration of goods that includes 20 pounds of flour, 5.5 pounds of rice, 4.4 pounds of sugar, 2.2 pounds of legumes, about 6 pounds of baby formula, several pounds of tea, cooking oil, salt, soap and detergent.


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