realizable modelの例文


  1. The realizable model is unable to satisfactorily predict the radial velocity; it is also the most computationally-expensive model.
  2. Clearly, this model is not meant to be a physically realizable model, it is just a theoretically interesting abstract machine that gives rise to particularly interesting complexity classes.
  3. In this paper, starting from certain philosophical assumptions, on the basis of a rigorous analysis of a certain, complicated, but in the meantime assertedly realizable model, he came to the conclusion that " quantum mechanics should be described as " incomplete " ".
  4. William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin succeeded in developing a physically realizable model of MacCullagh's rotationally elastic but translationally insensitive ether, consisting of gyrostats mounted on a framework of telescoping rods, described in his paper " On a Gyrostatic Adynamic Constitution for Ether " ( 1890 ).


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